The Metta Trust Charity

Plantation Villa is a social enterprise and was set up to serve our guests, staff, community and mother earth. Profits of both our centres in SL and UK are channelled to our charity, The Metta Trust (A registered charity in Sri Lanka). The key objectives of the charity and work we are done to date are given below:

Supporting Children, Youth and Education: Support schools within underprivileged communities in Sri Lanka (especially in our village of Nehinna).

Completed and ongoing work:

  • Provided our local schools (in villages of Wadugama, Nehinna and Mathugama) with both key infrastructure needs such as: building libraries, toilets for children and staff, playgrounds, public announcement systems and activity rooms
  • Annually provide basic necessities of village kids for the schools such as: required books, stationary, shoes, clothing for uniforms etc
  • Support a local orphanage for kids with disabilities through the completion of water tank and plumbing, renovation of accommodations and annual provision of clothing and funded festivals with food and gifts for the kids


Community Development: Support communities through assisting the hospitals, supporting local youth and community clubs / societies, building public infrastructure to develop community wellbeing, support local establishments of faith such as Buddhist temples and churches as they provide the community with a sense of support.

Completed and ongoing work:

  • Provide free Ayurvedic medical care with free doctor consultations and medicine for our village of Nehinna.
  • Offer financial support  for individuals needing help to cover hospital bills, western medicine and surgery and provision of medical equipment / life aids such as wheelchairs, adult diapers, catheters etc.
  • Provision of medical equipment to public hospitals around Sri Lanka who are unable to fund their own requirements: medical equipment we donated to the National Cancer Hospital of Sri Lanka, Nehinna General Hospital, Kalutara General Hospital, Anuradhapura General Hospital. Equipment provided ranged from essential surgical machinery, surgical devices, air-conditions for operating theatres, surgical and medical accessories, computers and monitors and medicines
  • Construction of local public temple and funeral hall in Nehinna which was a huge need for the village.
  • Supporting the maintenance of many temples around Sri Lanka through monthly donations, repairs and renovations as needed. Temples regularly maintained are: Wadugama Temple, Nehinna Temple, Alan Mathiniyarama Temple, Walukarama Temple, Martinez Meditation Centre and Mirisavetiya Temple.
  • Provision of funding to villagers during natural disasters to rebuild their homes. Funding has also been given to other charities such as The Foundation Of Goodness, who have access to other rural communities and engage in larger projects.
  • Provision of two vocational centres and computer training centre
  • Hosting annual village festivals and partake in local festivals through funding of food, prizes etc.


Nature Conservation and Animal Welfare: Provide financial support and assistance to a variety of projects working to preserve nature and wildlife.

  • There in an ongoing project where we are buying and reforesting neighbouring land with plant species that were formally endemic to Sri Lanka but are now either classified as endangered or critically endangered.
  • Working and supporting other rainforest protection by working with other larger charities who are actively lobbying the government and taking legal action on illegal deforestation.
  • Working and supporting other charities actively engaged in elephant conservation and wildlife rehabilitation through funding of infrastructure projects such as (rehabilitation fencing), vet bills and education and awareness activities.
  • Saving animals such as cows, goats and chickens from slaughter houses and releasing them to free roam in safe areas. Some are also living in our own reforested land.
  • Organising free vaccine and sterilisation programs for stray dogs/cats and supporting animal hospital charities.

The website for our charity is currently being developed. More details about the charity and the work we have done are included here:

(attached the Metta Trust book)

Metta trust pdf.