Nature Preservation

Plantation Villa Sri Lanka sits within over 30 acres of land. It is surrounded by rubber, mahogany, cinnamon, coconut and black pepper trees. In previous decades used mainly as a rubber plantation, in the present time we have an ongoing project of restoring the ‘forest’ feel of the land. We have replanted hundreds of species endemic to Sri Lanka, with a focus on ‘useful’ trees, such as fruit, edible, and medicinal.

There has been a visible decline in the diversity of species that are planted in Sri Lanka, with much of the effort restricted to commercial plants. Our project is different: to replant traditional species that were part of the plates and medicines of the older generations, and to give them a space for preservation and propagation.
Together with the countless plant species, we are happy to host a big community of animal life, who come to feed on the fruits and drink from the water collected in our ponds. They include dozens of bird species, two species of monkeys, lizards, peacocks, squirrels, wild rabbits, fish, and insects such as bees.

We have also worked with local charities on larger nature and wildlife conservation activities. These include funding relief projects for wildlife conservation, assisting the Udawalawe Elephant Transit home, and lobbying the government on programs to stop deforestation and improve wildlife conservation.

In the UK we are working with the Woodland Trust to reforest part of our land and work with a Herefordshire Wildlife Rescue to support, help and care for our wildlife.