Our Story

The story of Plantation Villa began with our founder, Ishara. It encompasses her own ill health experience which became an important transition in her life to becoming truly happy. She was once a successful banker in London, living and enjoying a life of modern luxuries, travel and a successful career. When diagnosed with Cancer, she turned to the ancient indigenous medicine of Ayurveda and was healed in a way unexpected by her western doctors. She embraced Ayurveda but discovered that most resorts did not offer the authentic, holistic healing experience she was after. Her mind and soul were also in need of healing following the traumatic events she had to endure. She spent 6 years searching for and learning about holistic wellbeing and eventually spent time in a Buddhist Monastery learning and figuring out how to be truly happy.


Our Customers

  • To provide a sanctuary and haven, away from some of the excesses of modernity, in an environment in harmony with its surroundings. Peace and tranquillity in nature to nourish your soul and replenish your body.
  • To offer a holistic wellbeing experience through ‘Vedic’ principles of Ayurveda supported by our expert doctors, therapists and natural herbal medicines.
  • To teach you the art of yoga in its authentic forms. This essentially means we steer away from the western adaptation of Yoga as a cardio workout and instead we teach elements to improve your body as well as mindfulness.
  • To enable you to care and look after your own self, and to the best of our ability to enable you to relax and recover your mind, body and soul.
  • To nourish happy moments for the creation of hope and determination.
  • To provide a haven for our trees and animal friends to coexist with us in harmony.


Our Employees

  • To train those who are unable to obtain a job and to provide them with a sustainable income source.
  • To enable and empower our employees to achieve their dreams.
  • To care for our team and give them a sense of belonging as part of the Plantation Villa family.
  • To help the next generation for their education and help them work towards a brighter future.
  • To share our winnings, our gains and losses together. To celebrate our successes and to learn from our failures together as a team.


Our Community

  • To reduce poverty and hardships in our community.
  • To provide them with opportunities to uplift their lives by providing jobs and training.
  • To lead community development projects to help them towards a more enjoyable life.
  • To help the schools and temples to enable the institution of society values and education of the next generation.
  • To create happy moments to relieve them of their frustrations and creation of hope and determination.


Our Planet

  • To care for our trees, plants and animals around us.
  • To preserve our natural environment for our future generations.
  • To protect plants and animals that are under threat of extinction.
  • To provide a haven for our trees and animal friends to co-exist with us in harmony.