A journey to sustainability.

We are a social enterprise; we exist to make the life of others better. The profits of our retreats benefit our own charity, the Metta Trust. We work tirelessly to improve the lives of underprivileged communities with our many community-based projects. Conservation and nature projects are also incredibly important to us. We believe in protecting nature and wildlife for our children’s futures.

Sustainability / The Metta Trust Charity

Plantation Villa is a social enterprise and was set up to serve our guests, staff, community and mother earth. Our profits are channelled to our charity, called Metta Trust (registered with the UK Charity Commission and a registered charity in Sri Lanka).

Sustainability / Community Development

Most of our staff are local villagers who in general come from underprivileged backgrounds lacking formal education or employment. We deliberately choose to employ them and offer necessary training to enable them to work and reap the benefit of better living conditions.

Sustainability / Nature Preservation

Plantation Villa Sri Lanka sits within over 30 acres of land. It is surrounded by rubber, mahogany, cinnamon, coconut and black pepper trees. In previous decades used mainly as a rubber plantation, in the present time we have an ongoing project of restoring the ‘forest’ feel of the land.