Ayurveda does not emphasize only living a long life, it should also be of high quality. The three pillars for the maintenance of good health are: medicine, good lifestyle (routine, exercise, sleep), and proper nutrition. While all are important, Ayurveda places high importance on nutrition as it can be the main cause for disease (followed by adverse mind states and wrong views). Also, most foods are also considered medicines in Ayurveda (a clear example being spices), which encourages even more care with diet.

Ayurveda can be quite different from most western systems of nutrition. One main difference is that Ayurveda does not use the concept of macro nutrients (carbohydrates, fats, and proteins). Instead, it classifies foods based on their taste (such as sweet and pungent), features (such as dry, oily, heavy, light, etc), and its effect on digestion and elimination. This leads to a classic view on Ayurveda that the most important aspect of a meal is not only what you eat, but how you digest it. Even if the choice of foods is great and follows to the letter any of the ever-changing ideal ratios between carbohydrates, fats and proteins, still your individual metabolism might not be able to properly process it.

At Plantation Villa our menu was designed by our doctors following the Ayurveda recommendations on timings of meals, as well as on how to prepare each dish in order to make it digestible. As an example, it is not uncommon for us to receive someone that at first says he/she cannot eat lentils or beans and after a few days trying it, they realise that here there are no more digestive issues. This is because when lentils are prepared with the recommended oils, in combination with the right spices to enhance digestion, eaten at the ideal time of the day, and without exaggeration in quantity, then assimilation is proper.

While Ayurveda is not strictly vegetarian or vegan, we have chosen to be strictly vegetarian since, on the ayurvedic view, meals that are composed mainly of vegetables, grains, beans, and similar, tend to be more mild in its effects and easier to balance. Also, we are gluten free, and do not use any refined sugars, artificial products, colourings, or preservatives. Meals are cooked daily and fresh, with much of the production coming from our own gardens or neighbouring farms. All the aforementioned elements make this diet ideal for anyone.

According to the health status of the individual, meals can be tailored and modified under recommendations of the doctors. For those participating in the Ayurveda program, our doctors also provide at the end of your stay a program with guidelines to develop an individual diet plan when back at home. Guests are also invited to learn about diet and also on how to cook your favourite meals through cookery demonstrations conducted by our doctors and the kitchen team.