Weight Loss

The experience from Ayurveda is that weight loss happens naturally through the proper functioning of the body and by consuming a diet of wholesome foods, eaten at proper times and without exaggeration in quantity. Many digestive problems can affect the metabolic functions and the signs of improper metabolism are not only seen as weight gain, but also in terms of skin and hair health, feelings of heaviness after eating, bloating, gas, constipation, and pains related to elimination (such as loose stools).

As a holistic method, Ayurveda also understands that mental life is key for maintenance of optimum weight. This is the reason why we look into creating a stress-free environment and work with our guests on their mental wellbeing. Some ayurvedic treatments like oil massages with medicated oils might not seem like part of a typical weight loss plan, but the emotional calmness that can be produced through them can help manage stress and naturally regulate excessive cravings and appetite for unhealthy foods.

We believe that any extreme plan for weight loss is unnatural and prone to fail over time due to impossibility of maintenance. While we do reduce the portions served for our weight loss in order to train the body to be satisfied with less, we do not prescribe to extreme diets and starve the body from nutrition, which would lead to more stress and later regain of weight.

For the weight loss program, we also offer a special program of fitness exercises in addition to the Yoga session, which are catered to the individual and according to the fitness level. As proven by modern science as well, exercise is a necessity for healthy living, not only for reducing excess weight but also for hormonal health, digestion, sound sleep and possibly all other areas of health.

The combination of Ayurveda treatments and medicines to restructure the digestive health, a routine that promotes emotional wellbeing alongside exercises catered to the individual, all this equates to the weight loss program that we have successfully applied at Plantation Villa over many years. Most importantly, it can teach you that the ideal weight (according to your individuality) is something that can be done without extremes of any kind, in a way that you can continue with ease at home.