In both our centres in UK and SL, we maintain a daily routine, called Dinacharya in Ayurvada. According to this view, the most important development for health is in fact to establish a good lifestyle. This includes the practice of Yoga and meditation, regular times for meals, Ayurveda treatments, spending time in nature, and quieting or relaxing activities as night dawns. We encourage guests to use their stay here truly as a retreat and not just as a common hotel stay.

Apart from the above routine, you can also participate in cooking lessons, swim in our pool, cycle in the village, join guided walks in our garden and village, as well as have private and group discussions with our teachers and doctors in order to explore more of the theory behind Ayurveda, Yoga, meditation, and related topics. Should you want to get your hands in the soil, you are welcome to garden with us, as well as help in any of the projects of our charity.

At our SL centre, when visiting during the appropriate season, you can also see the planting of rice and different cultural events that occur in the village.
While some guests come exclusively to have our retreat experience, others want to see some other parts of the country. We arrange and provide transportation for different places and experiences in Sri Lanka, such as whale watching, visits to national parks and safaris, animal shelters, religious temples, and significant monuments. As Sri Lanka is a small developing country, it is best to organize your trips in advance to avoid any issues, and it is better to count on transport and guidance from trustworthy places. You can contact us for any enquires and information.