Community Development

Most of our staff are local villagers who in general come from underprivileged backgrounds lacking formal education or employment. We deliberately choose to employ them and offer necessary training to enable them to work and reap the benefit of better living conditions. We have established a monthly bonus based on performance and contribution, which stimulates learning and higher levels of capacity, while at the same providing extra income. Holding to our concept of developing a community, we also look after the families of our employees, supporting when needed with medicine, school fees for their children, expenses related to family issues, building homes, and offering advice on how to administer their finances and plan their children’s future.

We have also worked for the development of the village schools, providing books, uniforms, stationary, shoes, as well as construction work such as toilets, roofs, labs, and playgrounds. We regularly receive requests from different schools for further developments, which we seek to assist with on the basis of our fund availability.

Our local temples are funded and maintained by us. In addition to covering monthly maintenance costs such as utility bills, staff salaries etc, we also fund infrastructure projects such as roof renovations, renovation or construction of new buildings etc. In rural Sri Lankans villages, the Buddhist temple functions as a community centre, where meetings are held, important ceremonies conducted, holidays entertained, and the monks and nuns functioning as a counsellor or supporter for the benefit of the community. We have been involved in different developments of temples around Sri Lanka and have been able to support some temples in the UK.

For the health of the community, we regularly hold free medicine days, when our doctors and therapists will provide free consultations along with treatments and medicines for all villagers. In some instances, we have also been called to help individual cases, such as providing funds for surgeries and treatments, medicine requests, wheelchairs, payment of loans and other forms of monetary support.

We hold the intention of not being a separate institution from our community, but quite the opposite, to be a leading and reference organization for the betterment of our surroundings, country and guests. It is thanks to our guests’ presence and donations that we have been able to have this positive effect in our communities.