You will find our place in many ways different from a normal activity packed holiday or even a classic spa holiday. We believe that to just offer another ‘experience’ is not enough. While many places offer some relaxation and cater to modern demands of entertainment, we have over the years developed an offering that is more akin to a completely different lifestyle. After hosting thousands of people, we understand that what humans need nowadays is not to just have some relaxing time, but in fact to learn and remember other possibilities of routine, diet, exercise, relationship, and engagement with the natural world. We believe in maintaining standards that are compatible with a pleasant experience, while providing a certain return to a way of life that is deemed more natural and at ease. Some of our key features are:

Small and personal

We have grown from being a small guest house, but made sure to maintain the personal and informal touch. One of our common guest types is the solo traveller: but the relaxing atmosphere, the presence of like-minded people, and the simplicity of our staff have always offered the experience of warmth and care.

A unique nature retreat

We are located in a small village, in many ways untouched by tourism. A simple walk around the small roads can give an authentic experience of what true life in Sri Lanka is. Inside our gates, Plantation Villa has a long history from being a rubber, mahogany, and black pepper plantation, to now an ever-growing project with several indigenous trees being reforested, a haven for wild life, the development of organic gardens, and the constant pursuit of manifesting the natural paradise of diversity that this country can host.

Specialists in Yoga and Ayurveda

Our team of doctors, teachers and therapists are some of the best in Sri Lanka. Upon arrival you will have a consultation with one of our Ayurveda doctors, who will explain and guide you towards your individual schedule of treatments and herbal preparations, according to the package you choose. Your daily routine will also include practices of Yoga and meditation. Our teachers and doctors are available and open to address individual needs, including both theoretical and practical aspects, in the hope that you properly experience the practice but also get an understanding of the reasons behind what we do.

A different service

As a social business, we have from the start aimed at providing employment for the villagers of our area. One of the best results is that you can experience a true sense of the Sri Lanka village hospitality. Our concept is that you should truly feel at home and be treated like a guest in the old days, with attention and interest. We have built a standard where we try to always make our guests be seen and cared for by our team, as if you are staying with friends.

True food

We follow a menu that is based on the concepts of Ayurveda while integrating the traditional recipes of Sri Lanka. It is whole, natural, and has that feeling of home cooking recipes! The meals are prepared with fresh ingredients, with much of the food coming from our land. Recurring feedback from our guests is that to eat healthy you don’t need exaggerations or fancy combinations: we serve true food, with simplicity but great taste. Something we hope you will feel inspired to continue at home.

Community activities

The Villa was started as a project for the development of inspiring ideals, including our community. Through our charity work we have helped the local schools, temples, community organizations, and countless individuals, among staff and neighbours, in their personal lives. If you wish, you can also learn and participate in the different projects that we have. From nature to education, there are many possibilities to explore the beauty of human action and you are welcome to join our activities.



Both our retreat centres offer different packages which can vary in terms of Ayurveda treatment durations and medications. In addition to our standard retreats given below, both our UK and SL centre arranged special retreats and free public events from time to time. These details will be available on our social media pages.