What to Expect

Our retreats are perhaps slightly different from the usual yoga retreats. Our objective is to teach you a lifestyle that will bring health to your body and mind, and through that for you to experience a happier, lighter life. So it is in this way that it is different from the standard action-packed retreats where you are constantly occupied with activities. Our retreats are carefully planned by our expert team of Ayurvedic Doctors, Yoga Teachers and Meditative Monks to develop a daily schedule that enhances health and calmness of mind.

You will be welcome by our friendly team who will guide you and in addition to the daily activities of classes, workshops and talks, there is also ample time for you to privately practice and reflect, make new friends with other retreat guests and team, go for walks and explore this idyllic countryside with and picturesque villages consisting of beautiful cottages, farmhouses, meadows and farms.

At the end of your retreat, we hope you will take with you the learnings and practice at home to ensure you continue to change your lifestyle. It is this consistent effort that brings lasting and significant results. Our team is always available to support you, even after you leave through our path2wellbeing.com website or via email and WhatsApp.